Information & Benefits

The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine was founded as a 501 (c) (10) nonprofit corporation.  The organization is dedicated to promoting the American Wine Industry and to educating our members on the appreciation and qualities of American Wine.  Today the organization has chapters throughout the United States and Europe.  Our membership is diverse and includes both professionals and dedicated enthusiasts.

Membership Benefits include:


  • - Eligibility to attend both national and local chapter events, which may include wine dinners, luncheons, unique wine tastings and educational seminars
  • - Special membership pricing on all events and programs throughout the country
  • - Invitations to international wine events sponsored by the FICB, the International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods
  • - Annual subscription to the Arbor Magazine

To attend an event or inquire about membership, contact the local chapter or Provost for the region where you are located.


Membership Classes




These titles shall be conferred upon persons accepted into the Order by Chapter Commander.



This title shall be reserved for persons who have demonstrated significant wine knowledge and have made substantial contributions to wine. Persons may be elevated to the title of Master Knight or Master Lady by order of the Grand Commander or Chapter Commanders.



This title shall be reserved for persons who have made a monumental contribution to wine and who are well known for their devotion and commitment to wine. Persons may be nominated for elevation to the rank of Supreme Knight or Supreme Lady by the Grand Commander, or a Chapter Commander with full written justification. Formal nominations will be presented to the Grand Council for decision. If approved, the Grand Commander or Chapter Commander shall present the diploma to the nominee at an appropriate occasion.

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