Wine Industry Associations




Alexander Valley Winegrowers

Alexander Valley is an important and respected source of premium wine grapes for wineries and our mission is to increase awareness of and appreciation for the uniqueness of Alexander Valley.


Arizona Wine Growers Association

The AWGA is a not-for-profit organization committed to assisting Arizona's wine growers in achieveing their full potential by provideing access to education, marketing assistance, legislative support and timely market information. We provide a unified voice to assure that wine grape growing in Arizona remains an economically viable industry for our future generations.


California Association of Winegrape Growers

CAWG was founded in 1974 to represent the interests and concerns of wine and concentrate grape growers. CAWG protects the interests of winegrape growers, fights for their needs and provides them with the information and tools they need to remain competitive, well-informed and profitable.

Carneros Quality Alliance

The Carneros Quality Alliance is a nonprofit regional trade association, a group of vintners and grower dedicated to defining and perpetuating the special character of the Carneros region. This region is shared by Napa and Sonoma as a Wine Appellation. Carneros is an official American Viticultural Area (AVA) having a unique micro climate and soil conditions, terroir. Pinot Noire, Chardonnay, Merlot and sparkling wine from this designated viticultural areas display a proven and distinct style.


Colorado Wines

Colorado Wine Industry Development Board. Learn about the superb, award-winning wines from Americas highest vineyards, and the unique microclimates that make them possible. Tour Colorado wineries and join us at our tastings, festivals, and events.

Connecticut Wine Trail

The Connecticut Wine Trail offers wine tasting and tours at seven vineyards in Connecticut: Chamard Vineyard, Digrazia Vineyard, Haight Vineyard, Hopkins Vineyard, McLaughlin Vineyard, Sharpe Hill Vineyard, and Stonington Vineyard.


Consorzio Cal-Italia

The CCI began in February, 1997, when Bob Cappuccino, then general manager of Martini & Prati Winery, started phoning winemaker friends he knew were actively interested and producing wines from grapes that are indigenous to Italy. His idea was to bring them together into an organization that could present to the press and trade a cohesive view of "Cal-Italia" wines.  These new Cal-Italia wines tend to be fruitier and brighter in acidity than the other wine types made in California today.


Florida Grape Growers Association

The FGGA was established in 1923 to serve farmers and hobbyists interested in growing grapes in Florida. Organized as a nonprofit corporation, the FGGA was instrumental in sponsoring research to develop grapes adapted to conditions in Florida.


Fairplay Winery Association

Americas Newest Appellation! Within a three mile radius in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, the Fair Play Winery Association is comprised of family-owned wineries that take pride in their wine, their land, and their customers.


Illinois Wine

Illinois Wine - listings of Illinois wineries, wines, festivals and events, resources and more.


Indiana Wine Grape Council

The Indiana Wine Grape Council, formed in 1989, seeks to enhance the economic development of Indiana by establishing a successful wine grape industry through wine grape research and market development. Based at Purdue University, the Council employs professionals in viticulture (grape growing), enology (wine making), and marketing to provide technical/educational assistance to the commercial growers and vintners in Indiana.


Iowa Wine and Beer

Web site for the Iowa Wine and Beer Promotion Board of the Iowa Department of Economic Developments Office of Tourism.


Lodi Appellation Winery Association

Welcome to the wineries of the Lodi appellation.


Long Island Wine Council

The website of the Long Island Wine Council, an organization dedicated to promoting Long Islands wines and vineyards.

Maryland Wine

Marylands wineries produce superb, handcrafted wines that make the perfect accompaniment to any meal, any celebration, and any moment worth remembering.

Michigan Wines

The Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council is a 10-member Council established by the Legislature to promote Michigan's wine and wine grape-growing industries. New wineries are starting up in Michigan every year, wine grape acreage continues to grow, sales of Michigan wines are increasing, and the reputation of Michigan as a world-class wine region is gaining more national and international attention.

Minnesota Grape Growers Association

Formed to further the science of cold climate grape growing.

Missouri Wine

Grape and Wine Program.

Napa Valley Vintners Association

World famous wine organization of 218 Napa Valley Wineries presents a list of wines, wineries, special events, wine education, community involvement and historical information related to wine and the Napa Valley.

Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association

The NWGGA was formed in 1997 by James A Jeffers as a non-profit organization to promote and encourage participation in the Nebraska wine and grape industry. The membership has grown to nearly 120 people in the short time since its inception.

New Mexico Wine Growers Association

The New Mexico Wine Growers Association is a non-profit organization of commercial New Mexico wineries. We are dedicated to making locally grown and handcrafted wines available for your enjoyment. 


New York Wines

Uncork New York! - Wineries, Restaurants, Retailers, Wines, Wine, Winery, Restaurant, Retail

North Carolina Wine

The source of information about NC Grapes & Wines.

Ohio Wine Producers Association

The Ohio Wine Producers Association welcomes you to a unique and fun-filled experience known as Ohio winemaking. Explore our treasures, discover our charm; rolling vineyards, sparkling lakes, quaint countrysides, unique gift shops, limestone caves, picnics in the sunshine, family festivals, fascinating tours... but most of all, taste the award-winning wines our over 60 Ohio wineries. 

Oklahoma Wines

The purpose of is to inform tourists and wine lovers about the recreational availability of Oklahoma Wineries and Vineyards. The purpose of is to inform tourists and wine lovers about the recreation and advantages of visiting Oklahoma Wineries and Vineyards.

Oregon Wine

Oregon Winery Guide

Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association

The Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association will lead the Paso Robles wine industry toward realizing its potential as a preeminent wine region.

Pennsylvania Wine and Wineries

Pennsylania's wine industry is growing in both production and reputation. At the heart of it all is the passion of its winery owners. These family-owned agricultural operations create not only a unique offering of wines, but also have developed a special brand of hospitality which is offered to the thousands who visit their wineries each year.

Silverado Trail Wineries Association

Silverado Trail Wineries Association - We are an association of 35 + wineries on the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley, California.

Sonoma County Grape Grower's Association

The Sonoma County Grape Growers Association are the farmers and ranchers who grow the grapes that make Sonoma County wines. They get together to promote their wines and lobby for common causes. Their web site offers descriptions of the various Sonoma County appellations and varietals, information on food and wine pairings, and links to Sonoma County visitor information.

Sonoma County Wineries Association

Sonoma County, considered the Provence of California, provides visitors with an abundance of fresh foods, premium wines, and breathtaking scenery just one hour north of San Francisco.

Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association

The Winegrowers Association is a nonprofit regional organization dedicated to promoting the making and growing of quality wine & winegrapes in the Temecula Appellation. Our members produce some of the finest wines and winegrapes in the world.

Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association

Information about wines produced in Tennessee, sponsored by the Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association. Information about wines produced in Tennessee, sponsored by the Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association.


Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association

Our mission is to promote the production and appreciation of premium grapes and fine wines from Texas and to represent a unified state industry with common marketing, governmental and educational goals.

Virginia Wines

The Visit Virginia Wine Country website is your first step in planning your visit to Virginias Wine Country -- includes a directory of wineries and information about award-winning wines, festivals and events, and more. Brought to you by the Virginia Winegrowers Advisory Board, an official board of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Washington Wine Commission

The official Website of the Washington Wine Commission. Containing the most current information about the Washington Wine industry. Included are individual mini-sites for each winery as well.

Wisconsin Winery Association

Wisconsin Winery Association - Promoting the fine honey wine, sparkling wine, fruit wine, champagne, mead and cyser products of our member wineries. Find out more about their products, tasting tours, vineyards and locations at See us every summer at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis.

Wine Institute

The public policy advocacy association of California wineries. Wine Institute brings together the resources of 624 wineries and affiliated businesses to support legislative and regulatory advocacy, international market development, media relations, scientific research, and education programs that benefit the entire California wine industry.

Wyoming Wine

Welcome to Wyoming Wine, the West s most complete source for wine making supplies, accessories, and fine wines!

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